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will tell you about it.  >>> if you ride metro, two words you hate to hear, fare hike. they are mulling a plan to have you walking farther, waiting longer and paying more to boot. john henrehan has details on serious service cuts. >> reporter: managers at metro had said earlier they would be seeking a fare hike in the middle of 2010 but a fare hike may come a whole lot sooner. board members made clear they did not like proposed cutbacks in rail and bus service designed to eliminate a current deficit. elizabeth hulett represents drivers in maryland. >> they would rather have some semblance of a fare increase than to have the service cut. >> reporter: the majority of board members wanted to consider an emergency fare hike, 20 cents a trip for rail and bus but jim graham who has been protective of metro's relatively low bus fares used a parliamentary block to limit any fare hike to a maximum of 10 cents a hike. >> reporter: most riders could live with that. >> don't cut off the trains. that -- they would be jam packed already. >> i would rather raise the fares than the service cuts. >> i t
a temporary fare hike on all rail and bus lines. we have more now with megan mcgrath. >> reporter: metro was looking at a $40 million budget short fall and they had to close that gap and they had a couple of different options including cuts to service and fare increases. after listening to a lot of input from ride terrifies metro board yesterday decided to increase fares by ten cents rather than make cuts to service. this is a 10 cent surcharge on all trips. it's going to take effect in march and remain in effect through june 30th. now the $40 million budget short fall was as a result of a drop in ridership. they say this is just a temporary fix. in the next budget they are looking at a greater budget short fall. they will have to close that gap. they will have to take other measures. they are talking about finding additional sources of revenue. they need it's needed. they have to look at fare increases again to close that budget short fall next year. so a ten cent in rides on metro rail and bus and metro access is going to kick in in about a month but, again, this is just a short term f
>>> right now, metro's board is meeting on the agenda, possible fare hikes, safety and leadership. >>> jobs must be our number one focus in 2010, and that's why i'm calling for a new jobs bill tonight. >> the president takes that message on the road today announcing a high-speed rail initiative he say will bring new jobs. >>> toyota is expanding a recall to include another 1 million vehicles in the united ates. "news4 midday" begins right now. >>> good morning and welcome to "news4 midday." i'm barbara harrison. >> good morning, i'm joe krebs, on this thursday, january 28th, 2010. >>> metro's board is making decisions that could cost you money in order to cope with a $40 million budget shortfall, metro is considering cutting service and raisings fares by 10 cents. a fare hike is not the only thing on the agenda. other big-ticket items like safety and the make-up of the board are also up for discussion. megan mcgrath joins us from northwest washington where the meeting is takes place. >> reporter: good morning. the metro board has a very busy agenda today. they're going to be discu
fare hike for rail and buses and also cutting some routes. sarah similar monday is live at metro headquarters with more on both of these. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. metro is holing a meeting at 9:00 a.m. this morning to talk about the proposed fare hikes and proposed cuts in service. just to give you an idea how passionate people do feel about this, they can a look at the video. this is from last night where hundreds of people turned out for the public hearing they held. line even stretched outside the door at times last night. many of the people that spoke said she could possibly swallow a fare hike but not cuts in service. now, here a bit about what metro is proposing. they are talking about increasing the time you would wait between trains during the off-peak hours. they are also talking bun creasing the fares by 10 cents in order to keep the rail an bus system up to speed. bus routes would also possibly change under this. and metro riders put in their two cents last night. >> it's overcrowded. it is hard to get seating. >> too many metro employees are complacent
, two miles from the stadium, total with air fare, rental car, tickets, just over $500 a person. based on two people. double occupancy. >> reporter: ravens season ticket holders won't have to come up with any money for playoff tickets here since the ravens won't be hosting any post season games but a quick glance at e-bay's on-line auction site suggest many patriots fans may be trying to avoid the expensive playoff tickets there. less than 24 hours after the ravens won the right to face new england we found more than 250 listings for tickets to the game. ranging from this fare of no resurface nose bleeds that had drawn a 78-cent bid with nine hours to go to this fare, a front row seat on the 50 for a tidy sum of $1299. in baltimore jeff hager, abc2 news. >> if you get a ticket and decide to drive to the game it's a little over 400 miles and it will take you about seven hours to get there. if you don't feel like driving local radio personality nestor aparicio says wnst has a bus trip that will head to new england saturday. game time is 1:00 sunday in foxboro. to get in touch with him, e
next. >> hear why some people would rather pay the higher fare. >>> we're keeping tabs on everything that is going on around the area as far as our weather goes. we continue to see light snow falling across much of the region. some of you getting a break from the snow right now. we'll have an update on that. julie wright will be along to tell us how the morning roads are faring. there are some problem spots out there but so far, so good. we'll be back in just a moment.  hey, you made your own lunch. yep! (mom) i'm so proud of you. the bus is here, gotta go mom. okay hunny, have a great day. look in your bag, made you something. (announcer) it's more than just that great peanut taste, choosing jif is a simple way to show someone how much you care. choosey moms, choose jif. does your phone surf the web with the speed and power of a pro surfer at pipeline ? does it bring you the web in all its glory... all its intended pixels... allowing you to reach the farthest expanses of its universe, deepest depths of its oceans without getting as much as a grain of sand in your shorts ? dro
the sale process seems to work. >>> changes happening with metro. a fare hike and new metro board chair. it is all happening in the wake of several mishaps. sherrily joins us live from the west falls church metro. >> reporter: metro's board actually had a number of options before them, raise the rates five cents, raise the rates by 10 cents or look at significant service cuts. they chose to raise the rates by a dime. now, the board considered significant service cuts to bus and rail service such as 30- minute waits between trains late at night or to raise fares. now, after a packed hearing this week, the opinion of metro customers was overwhelming to keep service and hiked fares instead. the board voting unanimously to raise the bus and rail fares by 10 cents starting in march. >> i mean i certainly would rather see that than see service cut. i take two transfers to get to work and ii didn't have the lines coming constantly t would be a real pain to try to get to work on time. >> even though i'm not happy, no, i won't stop using it. it beats driving in traffic. >> reporter: the changes
broadcast. >>> metro bus and rail riders are going to get a chance to say whether they'd like fare increases or service cuts. the metro board today agreed to consider higher fares and t put off a planned vote on service cuts. that vote was scheduled for today. it's all an attempt to close a $40 million budget deficit. tom sherwood is here with that story. >> the metro board struggled over how much a fare increase might be. riders seemed resigned to paying more. metro bus and subway riders were offering mixed opinions on the potential fare increase of up to ten cents to kreez a $40 million budget deficit. >> i think these are hard economic times for a lot of people and depending on where you live, the fares are already pretty high. and it's more expensive to take the bus as well. so i think that if there could be any way to avoid a fare increase at this time, it would help a lot of people. >> at the endf the day, they have to do what they have to do to ensure the quality of the service. i'm not in favor of increased prices, but as a college student, there's a lot of that happening. >> reporte
from metro's customers. >> nevertheless, they said they would prefer that fare increase and that 10-cnt fare increase. so, i listened and that was the overwhelming major of folks. >> reporter: the board members decided to junk the proposed cuts in service to order spending reductions at headquarters and to raise bus fares and rail fares by 10 cents a ride. no customers we encountered were happy about the higher fares but you stop riding the bus? >> no. >> you will pay it? >> yes. >> you know, already hard hit, will be hit more and that is, you know, bad. >> i would rather see that than the service cut. i take two transfers to get to work and if i didn't have the lines coming -- . >> no, i won't stop using it. it beats the driving in traffic. >> reporter: even before the emergency fare hike, the members were getting a first look at the general manager's proposed budget for next fiscal year with extremely bad news in it. the projectd red inch for next year has grown from $175 million to about $190 million the new fiscal year was the larger deficit beginning july 1st, the likeliest scenari
tonight by the board. fare hike. throw in a few serve cuts to boot. we're breang down metro's plan to fix their financial mess. >>> homes under attack. burglars prowling in broad daylight. the major haul they've stolen already. >>> stunning evidence in the case against a local teen accused of plotting to assassinate the president. we're taking you inside the investigation. >>> you're watching fox 5 news at 10:00. our 90-minute power block of news is just getting started.  laxatives? i've tried all these. this one's gritty. this one can make you bloated. clearly, miralax is the one for me. it relieves my constipation with no harsh side effects. miralax. restore your body's natural rhythm. >>> did you hear that big boom in tysons corner late this afternoon? it was a test of the new metrorail project. contractors were testing the structural integrity of a support filler. it was just a routine test. the first phase of the metrorail extension to dulles airport should be completed by 2013. >>> meantime metro is trying to find ways to make up for a big budget gap and you could end up paying fo
than half of the people that showed up voted in favor of a fare hike over service cuts. right now, both options are on the table. officials will vote on imposing a 10 cent charge. that is against a service cut. metro officials will take into account public comments. the chairman says what happens today will be minor compared to the big changes for 2011. >> if you look down the track, and you see what is coming, assuming the sam revenue estimates that we have today holds true, this cannot be accomplished by a fare hike. we could not raise it high enough. >> that means whatever happens today, there will likely be in another wave of fare hikes and service cuts starting in july. officials also discussed public safety following the death of two metro employees. they will continue to make safety a priority. it also comes down to employees paying better attention. >> let us know when that vote happens. >>> total debt is expanding its recall to include more than 75,000 cars manufactured in china. toyota says the vehicles were made with the same parts that could cause gas pedals to state and acc
planned to assassinate the president. >> coming in, considering fare increases and cuts in service to help fix the budget. >> and putting computers in dashboards, the stirring controversy tonight. dashboards, the stirring controversy tonight. >> and the white house i think you might have hooked it up wrong, though. yea, we're getting way too many channels. no, no. that's -- that's standard. fios also comes with 11,000 free movies and shows on demand per month. ah, standard. gotcha. a certain somebody says "thank you". tell him "he's welcome", but it's still standard. he's happy to be back with his friends. is he? [ male announcer ] hundreds of channels, thousands of movies, and two times more very satisfied customers than cox. this is beyond cable. this is fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >> a test of the support pillars for the metra section of tilles caused a big bang in one neighborhood. you could hear it at about 5:00 p.m. this evening. the test will provide information about the structural integrity of the pillars. >> the fares on th
of the transit agency money problems. >> metro has approved a fare hike which means it will cost you more to ride. we have the details from sherry ly. >> reporter: good morning allison and steve. metro didn't have a lot of good choices. facing a $40 million deficit for the remainder of this year, it was really cut service or raise fares. choice is that riders will now pay 10 cents more. and we have a new board chairman. and in the '90s benjamin was the chief financial officer an that will help with the agency's on going money problems. the choice before the boa that oversees metro was this -- significant service cuts in bus and rail service, for example 30 minute waits for trains late in the evening, or raise fares. new board remembers didn't like it either. >> none of these are good measures. >> reporter: they heard from customers. >> they did say that they prefer the fare increase and that 10-cent fair increase. so i listened and that was the overwhelming majority of folks ex the board members decided unanimously to order cuts in spending at headquarters and to raise bus and rail fares by 10 ce
and richmond. a big storm, but not for us. >>> metro has approved a 10 cent fare hike on buses and trains. they are moving to close a $40 million budget deficit. metro is closing the gap by laying off workers, using stimulus funds and cutting back customer service hours. the fare increase is scheduled to begin on a march. >>> the chief safety officer said that changes are being made to keep metro workers safer. that stems from a to be wrote -- when two workers were killed. new training and consequences will be implemented. just to make sure everyone is aware that workers are present on the track. >>> the latest from haiti, . after 15 days, a teenage girl was rescued from the rubble of her home. doctors say she is a lucid and stable but very dehydrated and week. organized groups of leaders have descended on port-au-prince's commercial center. a local group knows what it is like to rescue people trapped in rubble. the oregon search and rescue team from fairfax county rescue 16 people -- the urban search and rescue team from fairfax rescued 16 people. >> an emotional homecoming for the membe
>> metro under fire. days after a deadly accident the agency is considering a fare hike and hearing from riders who have had enough. >>> more toyota trouble one day after suspending sales the company is recalling more vehicles. good morning and welcome to "news4 today." i'm joe krebs. >>> i'm eun yang. it's thursday, january 28, 2010. it's 36 degrees. a touch warmer than yesterday. we have some changes in the forecast coming. tom kierein will tell us all about them. >> get your safety belts ready. it will be a roller coaster ride. we are up from yesterday. it will climb to near 50 by noon. but then a cold front will come through, may trig ear few sprinkles and flurries but bring in much colder air. back down to the 30s by 6:00. sunrise this morning at 7:18. then much colder with gusty winds this afternoon into tonight, winds gusting to 30 miles per hour, down to freezing by mid-evening and teens by this time tomorrow morning. then as we get into friday looks like we'll have a partly sunny day and highs only reaching near the freezing mark and even colder for the weekend. looks like please take care and fareed zakaria gps starts right now. >>> this is "gps the global public square." welcome and happy new year to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm fareed zakaria. we have a terrific show for you naturally involving the attempted christmas bombing in the united states. before we get to it, i want to give you some of my own thoughts about that attempted terrorist attack. senator dianne feinstein says that she believes the united states government should overreact rather than underreact to these kinds of events. isn't that exactly backwards? the purpose of terrorism is not to kill the few hundred that are attacked, but to terrorize the tens upon tens of millions who watch. terrorism is unique as a military strategy and it defends for its effectiveness on the response of the society for it to work, all of us have to respond with fear and hysteria. so far we're doing just that. i don't mean to suggest by this that the system worked, obviously, it didn't. when u.s. officials got information from the terrorist father, the
. until then, i'm john king in washington. please, take care. fareed zakaria "gps" starts right now. >>> this is "gps" the global public square. welcome to our oviewers in the united states and around the world. i'm fareed zakaria. we see barack obama from two lenses this week. on the one hand, he's the president, directing america's formidable right to help the ease in haiti. he is the head of the democratic party, the party that just suffered a major electoral loss. a lot of analysis of what went wrong for the democrats of whether the country is in ideological terms to the left or to the right and what all this means for obama's presidency. is he a lame duck? let's start with some historical perspective. obama's presidential ratings one year into his tenure are roughly the same as ronald reagan and bill clinton and jimmy carter's. the two bushes had higher ratings 41 because of the collapse of the soviet union and number 43 because of the rallying effect on the presidency. it is not much worse than his predecessors so it can be corrected. what should he do? obama needs to start ac
and another option is reducing to 31 bus lines and finally a fare surcharge up to 10 cents. but many rider at the hearing came up with their own ideas. >> i came up with option five. it is simple, raise fares, am i willing to pay more for better service, absolutely. >> raise the fares, don't crippling our economy. >> i'm here to say no to the fare increase. i'm not okay with the thought of borrowing from next year's capital budget. >> they are wasting money all over the budget. >> those are a few of the people who spoke out at the hearing last night. over 400 people showed up and most of them seem to support fare increases service over service cuts. >> thank you. >>> it has been more than two weeks now but rescuers found another haiti earthquake victim alive in the rubble. >>> and arenas learns how long he will be banned from playing in the nba and a store is reaping the benefits of paying employees extra to maintain a healthy lifestyle. you are watching 9 news >>> in the news now, investigators in roanoke, virginia are waiting to find out if a body found in a land fill yesterday afternoon
. the board instead voted to also consider a fare surcharge to help close that fwap. >> wendy, there will be a fare increase in the spring? how much will it be? that's all undecided after today's testy board meeting. hundreds of thousands of people use mass transit in the washington area every day. but the bus and rail service is facing a $40 million budget gap it must close by june 30th. the metro board was to have voted thursday on a variety of service cutbacks including longer waits for buses and trains. less holiday service and more maintenance delays. but then began considering a fare surcharge for the last four months of the fiscal year to ease the service cuts. but board chairman jim graham of the district will only consider a fare increase of no more than ten cents with some service cuts. suburban members said that the board ought to consider fees of 20 cents. >> we should not needlessly agitate the riding public over our proposals. the notion of their being as great a fare increase as 20 cents would agitate people beyond the needs that we currently have. >> reporter:
by the balance is just somatic. >> reporter: time to stock up on dimes. this is bruce leshan. metro fares are going up 10 cents in march. the metro board voted unanimously for the increase. saying the alternative was cutting service. and more than half the public thinks cutting service is a terrible idea. >> i think they are going to end up doing both. >> out of service and raising fares? >> they will get it both. >> reporter: they have a $40 million in the metro's budget just for the last five months. next year, the estimates are even worse. a $189 shortfall. that could mean more fare increases and service cuts. i'm scott broom at prince george's community college where a lot of students and families are trying to do the math on president obama's proposed college loan reforms. 18-year-old katrina fernandez left high school with straight a's. she's a 4.0 here at prince george's community college. >> i don't think my parents could afford that four-year tuition, so i'm staying here for another year. >> we have seen a major increase in the prince george's community college. >> reporter: that
of a green america. >>> fare surcharge or service cuts. metro board members are meeting right now to figure out how to deal with the budget short fall. >>> more fallout, a few days after stopping sales and production in america, toyota takes steps to do the same thing in europe. good morning. i'm andrea roane. thanks for joining us. today is thursday, january 28th. howard bernstein is off today but devon lucie is here with an update on the forecast. >> temperatures not bad here. a little sun to peek through the clouds and that means temperatures are starting to warm to the upper 30s to close to 40 degrees. beltway, college park, 37. same up in montgomery county, rockville, gaithersburg, 37, 36. fairfax county, reston and fairfax and herndon 38 to 37. ashburn, sterling, 35 leesburg 36. temperatures are rising to the 40s. fredericksburg in virginia is already up to 40. 39 is our latest reading right now and we are up to 39 with the forecast. the day planner shows where we are right now which is good news. 48 by the noon hour and i think up to 51 before an arctic front sweeps through and that
constituents faring? we are trying to get the computer situation sorted out to show the video of the dramatic rescue you witnessed but how are your constituents faring? >> they are suffering, many lost family members. they are also concerned about the family members. miami dade firefighters are here, rescue team. i have been with them half a day. and they rescued the 3-year-old little girl and they are rescuing a woman and two children right now. so i am very excited to be here. i also feel that it's a long-term recovery and many of my constituents will be a part of that recovery. in florida there are a lot of volunteers, a lot of missions, southern baptists are very much involved in what's going on here. so geraldo, i am very excited about all of the love that is pouring out throughout the world. especially from florida and from the united states. >> are you worried about the historic corruption here, the selfishness, incompetence of haitian governments in recent years? >> majority of the resources goes to nongovernment amount organizations that have a very governance practice here survived
to the game ranging from this fare of no resurface nose bleeds that had drawn a 78-cent bid with nine hours to go to this fare, a front-row seat on the 50 for a tidy sum of $1,299. in baltimore, jeff hager, abc2 news >> if you want to drive to the game it's a little more than 400 miles. to foxboro, should take you seven hours. >>> we all know about the dangers of smoking. >> and new research on the dangers of quitting. >> and a store runs out of mcnuggets. oh, no. how her mcfeisty attitude landed her in jail. first justin berk with the forecast. >> flurries to the south side of baltimore and anne arundel county this morning. 26 degrees, winds northwest at 9, wind chill in the teens. this cold air and more snow on the way. we'll talk about that next. right now the mta with mark jones. >> the commute start is good on light rail. no delays. metro subway on schedule. on the buses looking for the numbers 15 and 23 diverted in the area of eutaw and mulberry due to construction. 19 bus with a diversion at harford and north due to icy conditions. 36 with a diversion at kirk and 25th. 19 bus is abou
fare hike. elaine reyes is at metro headquarters tonight. >> reporter: board members listened to a lot of concern and sometimes angry customers. they took it in and plan to vote on budget cuts tomorrow and will implement those changes in march. the reasons varied, but this drought had the same message for board members. >> these proposals laid before me are choosing from the less of four options. they are sham. >> many of our residents don't have cars. they may have to walk to a metro station or blocks to get to a bus stop because we don't have bus service in our neighborhood. we need to have this service. we cannot take any more cuts. >> reporter: metro is considering four different options to save money. which include fare increases, closing entrances and cutting services. it would also result in longer wait lines between buses and trains. metro blames its $40 million budget shortfall to decreased ridership because of the recession. transit agency says its counterparts in chicago and new york are also experiencing similar financial issues. this d.c. tour guide called mass transit vit
. >>> back up on dimes. today, the metro board voted unanimously to raise fares on trains and buses by 10 cents. it was either raising fares or cut service to fill a $40 million shortfall. some members fear that cutting service could lead down to a dark tunnel. >> it's not an exaggeration to say that we're peering into the death spiral. if we begin eroding the service for that, we will likely see further erosion of ridership. and that will lead to further declines in revenue. which will have people proposing further declines in service and so on. >> the bad economy is partly to blame for the shortfall. fewer people are riding the trains and buses because fewer people have jobs to go to. they are in worse shape. $189 million short. the metro's general manager is recommending more fare hikes and service cuts. >>> still ahead, getting ready to say good-bye to one of their regions favorite sons. we'll be back. >>> back on 9news now with an update on the teenager pulled from the rubble in haiti 15 days after the deadly quake. we first told you about the 16-year-old's rescue late last nigh at 6
. another option is reducing or eliminating service to 31 lines and finally a fare surcharge up to 10 cents. many riders at the public hearing came up with their own ideas. >> i came up with an option five. the option five is simple, raise fares. am i willing to pay more for better service, absolutely. >> raise the fares, don't cripple our economy. >> i'm here to say no to the fare increase. i'm not okay with the thought of borrowing from next year's capital budget. >> they are wasting money all over the budget. >> reporter: those are a few of the people who spoke out at the hearing. over 400 people showed up and most of them said they would actually prefer a fare increase over service cuts. andrea? >> all right. thank you. >>> from transit budgets to schools, fairfax county is facing a $176 million gap in funding. superintendent dr. jack dale says if the school district doesn't get more money from the sate, he will have to make cuts. programs like elementary school bands, all-day kindergarten, language immersion programs and more. last night the county announced the possible closure of an
. his current four-year term expires january 31st. >>> metro's board of directors has approved a fare hike for all its customers. it is going to cost an additional ten cents to ride trains and buses. all this comes as a transit agency is facing a $40 million budget gap and some other big changes. chris gordon is at the tenleytown metro station with more. >> students, the elderly and poor people may face new challenges trying to afford to ride metro on a daily basis. the new ten-cent fare hike goes into effect in march. the metro board voted after a public hearing in which 88 people spoke out on four options that would either raise fares or reduce services. the board decided that riders favored the ten-cent fare surcharge rather than sacrifice services. >> our action reflects a very clear message that we got from our customers, which is preserve services. and we got that very clearly and -- and we acted in conformity with that message. >> reporter: riders won't have to face longer waits for buses and trains, but how do they feel about paying an extra ten cents a ride? >> well, i wouldn
to ride the rails and the buses. the board approved a ten cent fare hike today. john henrehan has the details. >> reporter: the hoice before the board that oversees metro is this. significant service cuts in both bus service and rail service. for example, 30-minute waits between trains late in the evening. or raise fares. >> none of these are really good options. >> reporter: the public packed the hearing wednesday night and what the board members heard was an apparent consensus from metro's customers. >> nevertheless they did say they would prefer that fare increase and that -- the ten cent fare increase. i listened and that was the overwhelming majority of folks. >> reporter: the board decided unanimously to junk -- [ inaudible ] no customers we encountered afterward were particularly happy about the higher fares. would you stop riding the bus? >> no, no. >> reporter: you will pay it then? >> yes, i will. but, you know, folks that are already hard hit will just be hit a little bit more. that's sad. >> i'd certainly rather see that than service cuts. i take two transfers to get t
driving his vehicle. person is taking concerning driving his vehicle. >>> a possible fare hike, and metro customers are outraged. >> they let them have it big time at a meeting. there is a budget shortfall. jay korff is live with more. jay? >> leon, metro asked what they think about increasing fares, and you'll also have to wait a little longer a before you catch that bus or train, and they got an earful -- when a little longer before. they packed hearing rooms wednesday night. >> this will have a devastating affect on our communities. >> metro is trying to close a $40 million budget gap. >> these constituents are the ones stuck with the bill. -- the constituents. >> reductions in services are counterproductive. >> a good deal of writer angst -- rider angst. in the last year, more than one dozen people have died in various accidents, including someone yesterday morning. metro is asking them to pay more for less service. >> i encourage you to look at other measures to move metro forward without having t citizens get the short end of the stick. >> they are going to vote on this matter tomor
on fox news channel and satellite and capple. a recap at fox >>> how can we see this increase fares when metro has serious accidents and incidents. >> reporter: metro laid out the plan to fill the gap of the $41 million short fall. the raised prices raised concern. >> i'd rather see it happen once than two times in a year. why are we right back in this room, at this point talking about budgetary problems, safety problems? >> reporter: metro is looking at four problems including closing stations. >> i don't have a car. if they eliminate these services i won't be able to get around. >> if you change hours you'll cripple my business. >> the metro board meets tomorrow to make the final decision. any fare increase would go into effect march 1st and last till the end of june. brian -- >>> winter weather making yet another comeback. this time could be talking snow. down from the fox weather center to tell us more. >> we're pretty confident whatever we get will be snow when it rolls into town. let me show you the the storm now we're tracking. it will give you idea of what we're talking about. i
. he has been granted immunity from his testimony. >>> metro is consiring a fare hike. the board wants to increase fares by up to 10 cents. a public hearing will be held within the next two weeks. they may get r of eight-car trains. the board will take this vote generous 28. >>> ike leggett is proposing $70 million in midyear budget cuts. these cuts will help produce an estimated $600 million budget gap. 44 county jobs would be eliminated. schools would lose $22 million in funding. >>> fairfax county schools are facing budget cuts. jack dale unveiled his budget proposal. class sizes would increase. for and language classes for elementary schools would be caught. teachers would go without raises without a year. -- foreign language class as four elementary schools would be caught. >>> the national's suit is planning a bid by party for a beloved panda -- the national zoo is planning a goodbye party for a beloved panda. >> montgomery county public schools are opening two hours away. to our community it's our lifeline to the emergency information we need it's a free service that provides fr
on rails and buses. the board of directors is using the fare up crease to help close a $40 million budget shortfall. officials have considered tapping into maintenance funds and service cuts. in the in, riders preferred to pay a little bit more. 10-cent fare hike will go into effect on march 1st. >>> jim graham is out as metro's board chair. peter benjamin is in. the former vice chair has taken over the reins. he has acknowledged that the safety procedures have been inadequate and says it is time for change. >>> metro already has more safety improvements in the works geared toward protecting workers. there is you new section in the employee handbook detailing right-of-way clearance for workers and crews. the up prompts come after a deadly accident including one this week. >>> virginia around maryland will get a big slice of of the high-speed rail pie. president obama doled out $8 billion in red rail stimulus money in 31 states. >> virginia will get $57 million for high-speed rail and adding rail tracks in northern virginia. maryland gets $60 million to help replace a tunnel near baltimore
it should not fall on their shoulder to fill the $40 million budget gap. metro is proposing a 10-cent fare hik or increase wait times. writers say if they have to choose, they would go with it -- riders say if they had to choose, they would go with the 10-cent rate hike. here's what a couple of people had to say. >> we need affordable and safe public transportation. >> i encourage you to look at other measures to move on metro forward without the citizens getting the short end of the stick. >> once the officials get past shortfalls in this budget, the face a $190 million shortfall in next year's budget and that could mean more fare hikes starting in july. pamela brown, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >>> dental records confirm remains found on a farm are indeed those of morgan harrington. the student disappeared in october after attending a metallica concert. the remains were found tuesday about 10 miles from the concert venue. her father said the location of the remains convinced him that someone local is responsible for her death. >>> gilbert arenas and javaris crittenton are now out for the s
. this afternoon we find our for writers think about this possible fare hike. >> that brings us to this concept a potentially raising rates. reaction riders to this up -- reaction from riders says they will pay more. how much is too much? like transit systems across the country, metro is struggling financially. the board of directors voted today to allow a public hearing on and after 10 cent fare surcharge on trains, buses and metro access. he wanted writers to weigh in on an up to 20 cent increase. -- he wanted the bustransit riders to weigh in on an up to 20 cent increase. board members are also mulling over service cuts to help bridge a $40 million budget gap this fiscal year. it could extend we * to 8 minutes during rush hour. -- the wait * 28 minutes during rush hour. -- addi waythe wait times to 8 s during rush hour. the board chairman in -- predicts a fare increase is likely for the next fiscal year, which begins july 1. >> and if there's a fare hike for this fiscal year, board members say that would eliminate the need for service cuts they have been considering. >> it has to come before
your fare. it could allow you to pay directly from a debit or credit card. you would use them at the fare gate instead of a smart trip or paper fare card. the system could be in place by next year. >>> and today a new bus depot opens at union station. will be home to three low-fare bus lines bolt dc to new york and washington deluxe. big signs at union station will point you in the right direction. eleanor holmes norton is said to be there to welcome early travelers. >>> a new way to move around dulles airport. the aero-train is scheduled to be up and running. which means no more riding the mobile lounges. it is part of the multibillion dollar d-2 dulles project. >>> it is 9 after the hour. you are watching 9 news now. we'll be right back. it's three days like you've never experienced. it changes you. you can't be the same after you do the event. the 3-day is inspiring. ♪ whoa, she's a pink warrior i felt strong at the end, like--like i had conquered something. (woman) it's 60 miles of feeling invincible. "mom, you did it. you did it." she said, "you're my hero." (man) regis
. if the winter weather is getting you down, how about a trip to orlando? amtrak is cutting prices. a 1-way fare will cost $63. that is your business news. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, i am linda bell. doug and alison, back to you. >> thank you. >>> 5:28. >> still ahead, metro picks higher fares over longer waits. >> i am live in rockville with the latest on what you can expect for your morning commute. >> we are watching the last hurrah and we will see sunshine breakthrough. cold air is coming down the pike. but first, the latest school closings and delays. (announcer) now more than ever you want to keep your loved ones safe and secure. give them the gift of financial security from new york life. we've been protecting families for over 164 years. new york life. the company you keep. don'let times like these stand in the way of them. protect your family with the gift of financial security. backed by the highest possib ratings for financial strength. new york life. the company you keep. i think you might have hooked it up wrong, though. yea, we're getting way too many channels. no,
of hope. will the white house delivered? did the bite off more than they can chew? >> metro debates fare hikes or service cuts. today is decision day. >> more bad news for toyota drivers. they are recalling more cars. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >>> good thursday morning. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. thank you so much for joining us on a thursday. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. i was asking adam, i said what is the latest with the snow? we go to you. i will not tell you what he said. >> adam goes to right makeup room? ew. >> like you do not. >> please note chances are diminishing. the best chance will be to our south. we could see some light flurries. will not be too concerned about this. it will be called. we're feeling pretty nice. -- it will be cold. 27 in winchester. 34 in lexington park. highs are in the low 50's. it will be breezy at times. not a bad day. 50's today. 20 by this weekend. >> it is a good stead at around the beltway except for
. time for fareed zakaria and "gps and a talk he will be having with the president's economic adviser. >>> i'm fareed zakaria. coming from davos, switzerland. site of the annual world economic forum. the mother of all conferences. d where else could you meet leaders from all over the world and informal setting for four days? that's been the case for the xro extraordinary interviews i have this week. larry summers. the second is with one of the most powerful men in iran. foreign minister motaki. i remembered back a year ago in davos when the entire financial world was in a state of shock. globe am finance am system had been crippled and economy in the most significant contraction in 50 years. this year, the financial system stabilized, almost every major economy in the world is beginning to grow again. there have been few political and social upheavals as a consequence of the crash of 2008. so that should be reason enough to cheer loudly, right? but the mood at davos is unease. a general perception that we are entering a new world. the advanced industrial world stafed off catastrophe b
:00 eastern hour. right now we are going to fareed zakaria with "gps." >>> welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm fareed zakaria. we see barack obama from two lens this week. on the one hand, he's the president. directing america's formidable might to ease the plight of millions in haiti. on the other, he's the de facto head of the democratic party. a party that just suffered a major electoral loss. there's lots of analysis what went wrong for the democrats, whether the country is in ideological terms to the left or sxrit what else this means for obama's presidency. is he a lame duck? let's start with some historical perspective. obama's approval ratings one year into his tenure are roughly the same as ronald reagan, bill clinton, jimmy carter's. the two bushes had higher ratings. 41 because of the collapse of the soviet union. and 43, because of 9/11. and the rallying effect that had on the presidency. so obama's situation is not dramatically worse than many of his predecessors which means it can be corrected. but what should he do? i would put it v
government in other forms. >>> a commuter alert concerning the proposed metro fare uncrease. coming up income, we already know metro wants to raise rates by 10 cents. one board member says that could actually soar a lot higher. >> we'll tell you how high and what this might happen. >>> cold temperatures across the area. got increasing clouds and some changes to talk abo in the form of wintry weather. i'll let you know when that arrives. julie wright will be in th a look at your on-time traffic right after the break.  >>> welcome back. take a look at thi dramatic video. it ary day on the job for firefighters in lothian, maryland. the first to arrive on the scene, five firefighters, who went to the door, stepped inside and fell through the floor to the basement. a rapid intervention team had to pull two of the firefighters out. >> some of the floor coverings in today's home, whether they be ser am being or terrazzo -- ceramic or terrazzo tile will not sure if they've been weakened or not. >> the chief says the hospital is a total loss despite the efforts of some 85 firefighters. >>> a
mess now considering an emergency fare hike. this is one of several options they are loing at. here are the other options, taking all eight car trains out of service. extending the wait time between trains at night, closing station entrances or charging an extra dime per trip. the board wants to know what you prefer. john henrehan joins us now. >> reporter: what happened today was a surprise. service cuts were on the agenda but the board said include more options like emergency fare hike for rail and bus riders. it was clear from the very beginning of the meeting that metro board members did not like the proposed cuts in rail and bus service designed to solve the transit systems looming deficit in the fiscal year. >> if we do something like go from ate car trains -- eight car trains to six car trains, overcrowding will get worse and we will drive some away which will reduce the revenue which will have us back here looking at how we come up with more funds to close the gap. >> reporter: the board refused to act immediately on the cuts ordering public hearings first and ordering manag
a ten-cent increase on all fares. officials say the decision was inevitable to prevent service cutbacks. chris gordon is at the metro station with more on what's ahead for metro and its riders. hi, chris. >> good evening. the metro fare hike is temporary. it begins february 28th and runs through july 1st. that's because metro is trying to close a $40 million budget shortfall this fiscal year. so today it had to make a hard choice. the metro board voted after hearing from 88embers of the public who expressed their opinions about competing options. a ten-cent fare increase or service reductions. in the end, the metro board felt that riders were willing to pay more rather than sacrifice service. >> opposed, no. the ayes have it. >> we tried to take an action that was reflective of people's concerns. numb one, we rejected the service cuts. so for the rest of this fiscal year, service will remain as it has been. >> we do not want to cut service. >> reporter: chaeryl is with an organization that lobbied against cutting metro bus and rail service. >> we really commend the board r not cutting s
safety linger. it comes at time when a budget shortfall makes fare increases seemingly inevitable. >> there's no question after the accident he had last year after the accident we had this week that we have to do something to improve the safety of our system. we also have major financial problems. we are suffering the same way as the local jurisdictions are suffering in their tax collections, we're suffering the same way as the nation is suffering, everybody in an economic decline. we've lost ridership as people have lost jobs. >> reporter: metro is facing a $40 million budget shortfall this year and a much larger deficit next year. board members say there is no easy fix. if the impact on service is to be minimized, then fares must go up. >> in the short-term, that probably means that we have to haveome kind of increase in fares. for next year, i don't see how it's avoidable if we're going to maintain service to not have a fare increase. so i think that is part of what we're going to have to do, but we are going to have to look for additional help from pretty much all quarters. >>
. this time they will affect your commute. >>> metro talking about cutting back service but raising fares. >>> plus signs ever change after gilbert arenas' embarrassing gun incident. >>> that overnight snowfall making for a messy morning commute. roads and sidewa . >>> our time right now is 4:12. several school delays to report to you in maryland, prince george's county, montgomery county and howard county schools all operating on a two hour delay today. charles county schools are closed. in virginia fairfax county schools and falls church schools are also on a two hour delay. >>> the same with arlington county, manassas park city and loudoun county skrools. in west virginia grant county and hampshire county schools are delayed two hours and we'll be running all the delays at the bottom of your screen all morning long. >>> let's take a live look right now at leesburg, virginia, where you can see snow is on the ground on the sidewalks and parking lots but it looks like the main roads out there have been scraped clean. let's find out from tom kierein what the rest of the day will bring. loo
wallet tonight, meo, the major fare increase that could be coming in just a few months. >>> a shock forewhite house visitors today -- for white house visitors today.  >>> a major senate shake-up has left health care reform hanging in the balance. republican scott brown won a special election if massachusetts to fill the seat held for decades by the late ted kennedy. tonight democrats and the white house are scrambling to figure out how to move health care forward without the 60 votes in the senate. fox 5's jennifer davis has the story. >> the united states senator from massachusetts scott brown. >> reporter: the obama white house is shellshocked by the stunning victory of scott brown as the first republican senator from massachusetts in nearly 40 year. >> the. was surprised and frustrated. everybody bears some responsibility. certainly including the white house. >> reporter: tuesday's election results are showing down the president's push for health care reform. the white house press secretary says the president still believes broad reforms are needed but he doesn't want t
to annapolis today. new stores in annapolis and middle river in march. holding job fares, some 300 positions. >> this week's job fair seems to be the exception. new data from the labor department shows there were 6.4 unemployed workers for every available job in the u.s. at the end of november. it was up from the record high set a month before. that means more americans are chasing much fewer jobs. >>> now to updates, a dc story we told you about, a woman wrongfully evicted from her home. a friend heard about her story, that friend decided to help. >> that donated furniture -- >> no. >> it's a far cry from the scenes we captured, when everything she owned was being put out on the street, after the dc government wrongfully cut off her subsidy checks. the cameras were rolling as neighbors helped themselves to everything she owned. >> somebody got evicted here. >> okay. >> downtown law firm won her case against the city. >> after staying with two friends and family -- >> wasn't until late december, 2009, that she found a new landlord willing to accept her rent subsidy. when she moved i
. the transit service is increasing fares. they approved a ten cent service hike. the goal is to cut the $40 million budget deficit. the fare increase is scheduled to begin in march. >>> president obama says he is gratified by the senate vote to confirm ben bernanke to a second term. the president said he has provided steady leadership during the economic crisis. the senate confirmed him to a new four-year term by a 70-30 margin. it was the closest vote by far for a fed chairman. >>> we have new details on a story we first broke. our award winning series on the dubious practices by the small smiles dental clinics. >> we saw children being pinned down for multiple dental services. the chain was raking in millions of medical insurance money and attney-general eric holder responded. she fights back tears even now. she took her year-old son to small smiles for a routine checkup and he left with 14 crowns on his baby teeth, all of which she now believes were not necessary. >> i don't know. >> the investigation is now part of a nationwide crackdown on health-care fraud. >> these small smiles cente
their connections. >>> metro is temporarily hiking fares. this increase will be in effect from march 1 until june 30. the extra money will help close a $40 million budget deficit for the year. another fare hike or service cuts could come in 2011 because then there will be a $190 million budget gap. >>> toyota says it has a fix for its paddle problem, but it is not clear at this will stop -- for its peddle problem. there correspondent joins us live. great to see you. -- their correspondent joins us. we understand there is still a concern despite this fix. tell us about it. >> they have found a way to redesign the gas pedal. a toyota company plans full-page newspaper ads for 25 cities sunday and monday. >> i am so sorry, we are having a hard time hearing. we will try to get that fixed. hopefully we can work that out. >>> to keep up with the latest, just go to >>> it is still not clear how widespread this scheme may be, but teachers at potomac high school say students have into computers and changed their own grades. it is too soon to know if there will be criminal charges. >> who attacked th
the option of having some kind of fare increase. >> reporter: the metro debated the up to 20-cent ride charge, but the chairman vetoed the idea settling on 10-cent instead. >> reporter: a teenager accused of plotting to kill the president was in court today. the teenage pled guilty to storing bomb making terms. at the time, he was a teenager and accused of plotting to kill barack obama the sentencing hearing has been rescheduled for next week. also in court was this 18 -year-old expected to testify against goody. >> he also told the police that mccain was going to be president. >> reporter: do you think he is mentally still? >> i don't think he is at all. >> i think the government interrupted what could have been an assassination. >>> the government release ted information about the near terror attack on christmas day. president obama said that a suspended terrorist was on board a plane. now, the president is ordering changes so this won't happen again. first, a clear line of responsibility is issued. reports distributed rapidly and widely. president obama says security up grades are necessar
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